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+ What should I bring to swim class?

Swimmers can wear any swimsuit and should bring their own towel. Swimmers who are not potty trained must wear an approved swim diaper. For your convenience, we have swim diapers available at the front desk.

Goggles are not necessary, but we have plenty on hand for swimmers to use.

+ What if my child cries or is afraid?

When lessons begin it is common for some children to cry or complain. Remember this is a new environment with new routines and expectations. Assure your child that you understand they may be uncomfortable but learning to swim is important. If you are confident and reassuring, they will feel secure and adjust quickly to the environment. Rest assured that our teachers and staff members are well trained in helping to calm an anxious or nervous children. Our one-on-one environment allows us to cater to the needs of individuals very effectively.

+ Why doesn't CSA offer group classes for beginners 4 and under?

We believe one-on-one lessons provide the safest learning environment and allow us to build the best swimming foundation for each student. When the child is 5 and swimming independently they can transition to a semi-private lesson, but be aware that you will see a change in pace and progression. It is our recommendation that a swimmer stay in private lessons until their skills indicate that they are ready for a stroke technique class.

+ What if my child is sick?

Please call and let us know that your child will be out.

+ How early do we need to arrive?

Arriving 10 minutes prior to your lesson time will allow students time to sign in at the front desk, use the restroom and prepare to enter the water.

+ Can I watch my child's lesson?

Absolutely. While we cannot allow parents on the pool deck, we encourage parents to watch from our special observation area. Your encouragement and praise before and after the lessons play an important role in helping your child become a confident and secure swimmer.

+ What is a lead teacher?

A lead teacher is a experienced senior teacher that is always on duty in the pool area to assist teachers and students as needed during lessons. The lead teacher is also the facilitator of communication between parents, teachers and management of the Swim Academy. The lead teacher is our extra layer of quality control to insure you and your family have an optimal experience at our school.

+ How do I contact my child's teacher?

Your child's teacher will provide you with feedback at the end of each lesson. However, if you have questions or concerns to address beyond this short interchange, we ask that you direct these first to the deck supervisor. She will be able to efficiently assist you in all matters of communication at the Swim Academy.

+ How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?

There isn't a “one size fits all” answer to this question. In our experience, students progress at different rates in the water much like they do on land. Some children walk at nine months while others accomplish this skill much later. Your child's initial level of comfort in the water, their desire to learn, and their listening skills all influence their rate of progress. Rest assured that our one-on-one format allows your child to progress at the rate that is perfect for each individual.

+ Can we request a teacher?

We do our best to honor teacher requests. However, circumstances beyond our control may prevent us from fulfilling all requests. Rest assured that your child will be matched with an teacher that we feel is best suited to their learning style and skill level.

+ Do you hold places for current students in the following session?

Those families who are currently registered will have a priority week to register for the following session. Information is posted on the bulletin boards when registration time approaches. You may also sign up to receive emails from us that will remind you of important Swim Academy dates. Priority registration does not guarantee any particular time slot.

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